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You Belong on the Radio – U.S. Music Charts (2)

It’s time for another charts session and it’s also time for the U.S. billboard charts again. That’s all you need to know, let’s start!

#3 Tove Lo – Habits (Stay High)

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Did I Like This? (Straight Outta Compton)

I felt weird last time because of starting with Ice Cube before talking about N.W.A. I’ll try to set this right by picking N.W.A.’s debut album for today, Straight Outta Compton, released in 1988, probably the real beginning of gangsta rap.


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Did I Like This? (Power)

After two obscure choices that were on my mind when cooking up the idea for this series, I want to come to something more ‘profound’, I want to say, although that might be the wrong word. My next pick is an album that also has a special place in my childhood gangsta rap heart and this is Ice-T’s second album Power, released in 1988.


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