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It’s 1988 Out There! [1988 Week]

It’s 1988 week! Another theme week has arrived and the random number generator brought us back to the 80s. Yes, third theme week and second time in the same decade. Well, we know something about the 80s already then, about their darkness, violence, detachment and so on. Is 1988 different than 1980 because it moves towards the 90s? I’m not sure yet, but we will see. Like last time, I’m trying to do an overview of the year to get us grounded and to put everything else into context. As in every theme week, I’m excited!

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(originally posted on December 1)

Why I Love Writing

I love writing. That’s probably a prerequisite if you have a blog, but I really love writing. Because I love it so much, I have wondered why that is. And which better way to explore that question than by writing about it? So, welcome to another Why episode!

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