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Change Is Good: The new “Speak Up, Ask, Answer” is here

Since I enjoy blogging so much, I decided to go full circle and create a new website for this blog. It looks better and allows me some more things to do in the future. But for now, I just want to invite everyone to visit the new site and share any feedback you can think of. You can find it at this wonderful named link:

Mural1There is still a lot of work in progress, especially when it comes to reformatting older posts. And everything there is subject to change. I will double-post here and there for a while until I see where things are heading, but I will keep reminding everyone to find the new site with every new post. I really hope people will decide to migrate.

There will be new content tomorrow, but for now I just want you to enjoy the freshness of my very own awesome new site.

1-0-0, That Spells 100!

Well, it might be silly to some, but I can’t help but celebrate a little that this is my 100th post! It’s 100, you know? 100 posts in about four months. Again, maybe that doesn’t sound much to you, but I did not expect that to happen when I started this blog in May and I certainly didn’t expect to hit that mark so soon. But here we are and I want to spend the time today with reflecting and analyzing what happened in that time and in my posts. So the same as I’m doing all the time, just a bit more meta and self-indulgent.


You can read the full post here.

Looking Back at 1980 Week

UnknownAs I said at the beginning of the week, this was an experiment. I had this crazy idea to do a theme week on one year and to continue doing that on random years in the future. I really enjoyed planning and writing it, but I’m not sure how well it was received. The statistics are never as clear as I wish and while the number of visitors was good, it was a bit worse than the last two weeks. I don’t take the statistics seriously enough to say it was a flop, but without any other feedback, I don’t have much to go on.

You can read the full post here.


Note of Absence

Hello everyone!

I’ll be on holiday for a single week and because I’ll be internet-free and because I should take a break from my daily schedule and because I wasn’t able to write seven posts in advance (I tried!), the next seven days will be lighter on content. That means only three posts for eight days. I’ll assume I can return to my daily schedule on Saturday the 15th. None of these three articles will be a movie review because my busy life schedule didn’t allow me more time for movies, so there is an additional shake-up of my normal routine. I hope no one jumps ship and everyone will be back with me next week.

See you then!