Poster of a Girl: Misogynist Tornadoes and Highway Robbery Girls

Movies, music, comics, books. I’ve looked for cultural implications concerning gender, authority or violence in all kinds of media already, but I know there is enough left. Today I pick something slightly new: movie posters! I just went to the best movie poster site, IMP Awards, and checked out all the posters I found on the current homepage. I haven’t seen any of the movies and judge the posters only by what I see and know about the movie. But they are all current posters, not some things of the past that didn’t know better.


You can read the full post here.

2 thoughts on “Poster of a Girl: Misogynist Tornadoes and Highway Robbery Girls

  1. What’s the conclusion? This post seems pretty pointless since the posters are chosen pretty much randomly: Big blockbusters, indie films, foreign movies. Also, when visited, IMP displayed a lot of other posters on their front page. Maybe next time try to be a bit more on the point with what you actually want to convey.

  2. This was no scientific research. I did what I set out do, look at a random selection of posters to see what’s there. That’s what I found, this is what I do. I’m sorry if you expected something else. And the posters on IMP often change quickly.

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