Teacher Looks at Class (II)

Look at them! I can’t wait to start! They’re young and motivated and want to learn something. And I’m the one who is allowed to teach them. Did I mention that I can’t wait?

Oh, look at the ones in the first row. They remind me of myself. Eager, well-dressed and willing to participate. And reliable. I like reliable. Just as they are supposed to. And next to them? Poor kids, always bothered by the others. If they just, you know, dressed up a little, they would not bring so much trouble upon themselves. I’m sure I can help them. A little learning and they can start believing in themselves again. That’s the power of knowledge! And the football star. What a great guy, but it’s too bad he only thinks of his sport. Maybe I can show him where his real interests could be. Oh, what is wrong with her? Those dark clothes and all quiet and sullen. She’s probably suicidal, that poor thing. Why can’t she smile once in a while? I don’t know what to do with the joking guy. He never takes anything seriously, but how will he learn if he never writes anything down and laughs about it all? When will he see the importance of what we’re doing here? I mean, look at the other girl behind him. She knows how to make something of herself, even if she’s not so bright. But she’s so glamorous. I wish I would have had a friend like her in school. And that poor boy in the third row, always standing in the shadow of his parents. I’ll turn him around for sure. He has a good heart, I’m sure. And will she fail this year too? There’s nothing to be done I guess, but I really pity her, I do. You have to know your place, I guess.

They will learn something important today. That’s what I was trained to do, to teach something they will need in their lives. I know all the methods and all the facts, that’s all I need. Nothing can go wrong now. They might look different, but inside they’re all like me. Young and hopeful, waiting to acquire knowledge to help them in their lives. They can’t wait to start, I can feel it. This time it will work, I’m positive! Let’s start!

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