Teacher Looks at Class (I)

Look at them. I mean, just look at them. They’re so annoying. Why am I doing this again? For them? They don’t care. They don’t want to learn anything. They’re lazy. I get tired just looking at them.

First row: the teacher’s pets. Always prepared, always their hand up in the air, always the right answer. Nothing would work without them, but they’re so boring. And they always want me to be nice to them, ‘Yes, you’re a good student, a good student, you get a treat now!’ Poor bastards, but it’s their own fault. Also there, the losers, the bully victims. Don’t know how to dress or talk or walk. Destined to fail at everything but video games. Stupid nerds. Look at the stupid boy in the second row, nothing but football in his head (I wonder who wins on Saturday?). He doesn’t want to learn anything and he couldn’t anyway. And the quiet and introvert one, probably suicidal, you know, with the black clothes and all. And him with the jokes. I hate the clowns. There is nothing to laugh about here. Nothing. And there’s her in the third row. She’s pretty, kinda hot if you ask me, but not a brain cell in her little head. And that guy. Know his parents, so there will be trouble with him, considering what kind of people they are. Or her, third seat from the right, her sister was in my class years ago, so I won’t be surprised to see her fail too. It’s not in the family.

But you can’t help it, they still have to be taught something. Not that I really care, but a job is a job. And I know them probably better than they will ever know themselves. If you do this job long enough, you know everything about those kids. Their ideas, their stupid questions, their interests. I know what they will write, what they will say, which grade they’ll get and I’ll tell you exactly where they end up in 10 years. I’ve seen it all, you can’t tell me nothing. And they just have to be told what to do and how do it or they’ll never get along in life. If your boss tells you to do this, you can’t just go: “Whatever!” You have to do it. You have to bite the bullet. So, c’mon, let’s get this over with.

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