Going Against the Flow

There is this stream everyone is following. But not you.

You only go where you want. Not where anyone tells you to. Sometimes even if the others are right. But you will not let them get you. You find your own stream, any stream, but not theirs. In your stream, music is indie, movies are indie, books are… well, you read books people have never heard of, so that must count for something. Your clothes are your clothes not some brand that wants to acquire you. This is your style, your lifestyle, your life. Fuck them. Fuck them. They don’t know shit. You know, oh yes, you know. You will change the world, no matter what. You will show them. You are special. You are different. You are you. You don’t follow some capital-G-god. You don’t eat meat. You speak up, you ask, you answer. You are not another stupid cliché.

Or, are you?

You see, questioning so much comes with a price. What if no one cares? What if no one cares? What if no one cares? What if you are in over your head? What if you want too much? What if everyone else feels better carrying on the way they do? Are you doing enough? Are you trying too hard? What if you’re arrogant in believing you know how things work? What if it’s pointless and the world goes to hell, no matter what you do? What if you change nothing? What if you are wrong? Do you really have the guts to go through with this, to ignore what others say about you? Do you even know what you are doing? Are you just trying to be different? If you hate people in suits and Hollister wear, aren’t you intolerant yourself? Is the world really the way you see it? If there are no easy answers, well, then aren’t you just asking and not answering? Do you just want people to notice you? What, it’s an easy question, isn’t it?

There is comfort in being different. In trying to be different. In trying to stand out of the crowd. But doesn’t everyone want that? Do you really have something to say? Do you actually have anything to say?

Come on, speak up, we can’t hear you.

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